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 Rules and Guidelines - Please Read

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PostSubject: Rules and Guidelines - Please Read   Fri May 09, 2008 5:26 pm

To be a part of this froum, you must followd the Rules. Not following the rules, will result, In a Warning. A second time, and you will be banned from the froums.

1. Be Polite. Don't use rude words. No using "Cuss" or "Curse" words.

2. Don't attack others. If you don't like soemone, then simply don't talk to them. If you really have a serious problem, talk to an Admin or Moderator.

3. Have Fun! Try to have fun and contribute so others can help, or learn from you!

4. If you have any questions, contact Me or a Moderator!

5. If you Topic is locked or deleted, We probably had a good reason for it. Ask us in a PM if you want to.

6. Respect and Listen to the Moderators. They were chosen for a reason.

7. Do not post in dead threads unless what you post is usefull to the topic. Dead Threads are topics that have not been posted in for 20 Days.

FYI: Moderators and Administraitors have Silver Stars under their name, Unless, They are a moderator and a Teacher. Then, thay have A Blue "Belt." Normal Teachers have a Silver "Belt."

Lastly, It would be a great help to this community if you tell a few freinds or family members about us.

Thanks For Reading! Very Happy
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Rules and Guidelines - Please Read
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